A Mackerel Sky is a cloud formation. It forms dotted rows, high set in the sky. This cloud formation predicts a change.

In 2006 Isabelle Phillips started Mackerel Sky so she could focus on just that – facilitating lasting positive change for business leaders. If you are after genuine transformation in your own leadership capabilities, that of your organisational or sector leaders then Mackerel Sky can assist you to create this.

Next time you see a Mackerel Sky ask yourself – are you seeing the change you need to see in your leadership team?

Expert team

Leadership practitioners across multiple sectors

Led by principles

The values which drive us and our programs

Business enablers

We tailor programs to meet your requirements

Thought leaders

Leading discussion on enabling success

We create tailored training

The business benefits our clients experience are increased attraction and retention of high performers, better communication across business divisions, greater outcome focus from teams and sustainable business growth. Mackerel Sky specialises in bringing world class leadership models and frameworks to busy leaders who need to know how to make them real within their own unique contexts.

Relevant and evidence based

Through innovative delivery methodologies, such as mindfulness training and action learning circles, Mackerel Sky provides business leaders with just in time learning, just what they need when they need it and 100% evidence based.

Isabelle Phillips and the team

Isabelle Phillips is a leadership expert, Founder of consultancy Mackerel Sky – Leadership Matters and Co-Founder of Mindfulness for the Global Village.
Meet the team

Client testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
''Isabelle has proactively brought positive psychology concepts to leaders through design and implementation of a strengths based leadership development program.''
Andrew McCallum CEO ACWA
''By working through these models I was able to develop great strategies to assist my staff and improve my coaching and mentoring skills.''
Janene Eagleton NSW GM Australian Unity
''Isabelle has truly revolutionised the way I work. I am more focused and relaxed and therefore able to handle a higher workload. I have improved my relationships especially with my wife and kids because I am present when I am with them. I highly recommend Isabelle's work.''
Tim Leggett Principal Consultant at ValueFlow Australia, MBA
''Isabelle has proved to be an excellent coach, with deep expertise in her field.''
Beata Kade CEO, Art Of MultiMedia
''Isabelle’s follow-through was terrific. There has been resolution of some intractable problems. Coaching gave us time to think strategically about the business.''
Kerry Gordon Director, Record Keeping Innovation
''The bespoke content was relevant and inspiring. Isabelle provided really considered guidance. The team left feeling confident, armed with strategies that would help them solve problems and understand their team and their place in it much better.''
Phoebe Simmonds Founder of The BLOW Australia, Co-founder of the memo
''I would enthusiastically recommend this training option to any business looking to understand the global village, the human mind and how to interact with each other.''
Andrew Ellery Head of Community Engagement, i care