Inclusive leadership creates space for the creativity, wisdom, and talent of all your employees.

Inclusive workplaces boast increased performance and profits. Inclusive cultures increase effort and intentions to stay in individuals, protect against groupthink in teams and generate organisational innovation. Boards and C-Suite that are genuine about earning diversity dividends over the next decade will be focussing on diversity and inclusion as a growth strategy. Growth, not compliance.

Inclusion: more than just ticking a box

Compliance, driven by legislators or company policy-makers has its value and is not to be discounted. However, a compliance-only approach teaches leaders and staff that matters of diversity and inclusion are a tick-a-box exercise. An unfortunate but necessary distraction from the business of business itself. When leaders and staff learn that the workplace has a list of OK-words and a list of not-OK-words we don’t gain diversity dividends or open up opportunities. At worst, we risk embedding bias and entrenching anti-inclusion agendas. An example might be the backlash encountered when the Qantas list of ‘not-OK words’ was leaked or heads that rolled at Uber, David Jones and the VIC Police Commissioner’s office.

Our inclusive leadership programs

Like any leadership development efforts; the journey toward more inclusive leadership takes reflection, action, more reflection and more action. It takes time and attention to change the old wiring in our brains and start seeing the things that were right in front of us all along. Make this journey easy with our insight on the neuroscience of bias and science-based hacks for conscious inclusion. We use nudge theory and growth mindset to make your journey to inclusive leadership fast and effective.
Executive briefings

Create peer connections that generate rich dialogue to generate understanding and create shared action plans.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets distill the latest complex research into abridged and streamlined ideas. Access the research, turn it into meaningful action for fast results in your team and your organisation.

Learning circles

Learning circles bring together people from all parts of your business to participate in customised experiences to generate sound insight and provide practical tools.

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