It’s these guiding principles that drive your return on investment


Our leadership programs produce measurable and lasting positive change that improves organisational performance and transforms individuals


All programs are based on the courage to look honestly at today and the optimism to look toward an even better future


You’ll have access to world class models and frameworks tailored to meet your organisational needs


You’ll be supported to implement elegant and effective strategies to get the full buy in of every participant


You’ll find our consultants have relevant industry experience and really connect with your people


You’ll benefit from cost effective and innovative delivery frameworks to guarantee maximum change


You can access our expertise in implementing pre and post measures to demonstrate the program impacts to your important stakeholders


We use your internal resources to link the program logically and powerfully to existing initiatives and profile relevant internal service providers.

Isabelle Phillips and the team

Isabelle Phillips is a leadership expert, Founder of consultancy Mackerel Sky – Leadership Matters and Co-Founder of Mindfulness for the Global Village.
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