Leadership learning

Programs that lead change

Your organisation is increasingly high-tech, hyper-connected, globalised and
fast-moving. To navigate this context for today and for the future your leaders need to cultivate performance, prioritise workforce wellness, and master inclusive leadership.
  • Cultivating performance

    Work with groups to interpret and make sense of emergent and unanticipated events. Apply curiosity, dialogue and reframing. Ambiguity and uncertainty are here to stay. Move away from traditional leadership that focuses on unidirectional, top-down information flow. Leaders can best support high performance through shared story telling.

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  • Workforce wellness

    Reinforce ways of being which allow experimentation, care-factor and innovation to emerge at local levels. Kickstart small cross-group interactions to increase meaningful connections between people. Create rich, exciting and unpredictable dialogue within the organisation. Move away from traditional leadership that focuses on command and control within strict hierarchies.

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  • Inclusive leadership

    Acknowledge and embrace uncertainty, refuse to back away from uncomfortable truths, talk openly about the serious issues, and challenge institutional ‘taboos’. Move away from traditional leadership that seeks safety in sameness, shys away from difficult conversations and focusses only on hoped-for certainties.

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